BloodSTOP iX



BloodSTOP® iX Resorbable, Water Soluble Hemostatic Matrix

  • For internal surgical use and topical applications (Class II and III CE Mark Certifications)
  • Also indicated in patients taking anticoagulant medications

BloodSTOP® iX Matrix:

  • Controls bleeding fast
  • Minimizes blood loss
  • Completely resorbable and biocompatible

BloodSTOP® iX Matrix is made from water soluble, oxidized-etherified regenerated cellulose that undergoes a patented

modification process. These unique performance properties are not achievable with any other hemostatic products.

BloodSTOP® iX Matrix meets all international standards for safety, biocompatibility, and efficacy as a resorbable implant material.


BloodSTOP® iX – Advanced Hemostat for Medical Professionals & Hospital Use

BloodSTOP® iX is a biocompatible, non-irritating, new generation patented hemostatic matrix.

Using a proprietary formulation, natural sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is etherified to make a water-soluble, bioresorbable matrix. 

BloodSTOP® iX is designed for surgical and hospitals use, being highly biocompatible.


It can be used in internal surgery in markets and for patients taking anticoagulant medications that recognize the European Union

CE certification* and has FDA market clearance in the US for surface wound hemostasis only.

Applications include general surgery, ENT procedures, thoracic surgery, neurosurgery and many other surgical and post-surgical procedures.