Advancing accuracy, powering efficiency

Varian Medical Systems has a rich history of providing the latest technology

in oncology solutions. The Acuity™ system continues that tradition of innovation by combining advanced imaging techniques and software capabilities to support basic simulation and complex treatment plan verification in one fully integrated system.

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Oncology Information system

The Varian System database is the core component of the Oncology Information System. The relational database serves as the repository for patient information and images imported to or captured by the database.

Included with the database are archive/restore, Link, and system administration. Data Segmentation is a component of the Oncology Information System, ARIA, which provides features and tools for managing the configuration of ARIA for sites that have more than one physical hospital,

department or location to emulate in ARIA. It provides procedure code sets, users, groups, preferences and charge/cost detail per configured department.


ARIA Medical Oncology Product Brief

ARIA Radiation Oncology Product Brief

ARIA ImgMgt- Product Brief

ARIA Oncology Cancer Registry

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