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Varian oncology systems offer the widest range of advanced treatment methods, from 3D CRT

to IMRT, to stereotactic radiosurgery, to IGRT as well as Dynamic Adaptive Radiotherapy (DART™). The complete integration of hardware and software not only makes Varian solutions safer and easier to use, but it provides clinicians with the freedom to make the best treatment decisions. In fact, Varian systems are so exacting, so automated, and so efficient that they are changing the landscape of cancer management.

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SmartBeam IMRT

SmartBeam IMRT supports all types of IMRT delivery: segmental, dynamic, combined dynamic and segmental in the same field, and conformal arc. SmartBeam IMRT also allows the full range of IMRT dose possibilities, from low to high resolution.

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RapidArc™ radiotherapy technology by Varian Medical

Systems makes it possible to deliver all the benefits of IMRT

in dramatically shorter treatment times.

RapidArc delivery uses Dynamic MLC, variable dose rate,

and variable gantry speed to generate IMRT-quality dose

distributions in a single optimized arc around the patient.

Clinicians can now deliver continuously modulated dose

to the entire tumor volume while sparing more normal,

healthy tissue.

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Products :

High Energy Clinac iX 

Clinac 600C

Clinac UNIQUE Power


Cone Beam CT for On-Board Imager