Name Position Phone
Dr. Med. M. HojatpanahDr. Med. M. Hojatpanah Managing Director & Chief Of The Board +982188519790 +982188537518
Dr. Mohammad Shahrami (DBA)Dr. Mohammad Shahrami (DBA) Member Of The Board & CFO +982188519790 +982188537518
Hossein HomaeiHossein Homaei Member Of The Board & Sales & Marketing Director +982188506362
                                                                       Ashkboos Banimostafa Ashkboos Banimostafa Member Of The Board & Technical Director +982188538226
Babak Momen MehrabaniBabak Momen Mehrabani Member Of The Board & Commercial Director +982188505191
Alireza Momen Rokn AbadiAlireza Momen Rokn Abadi Medical Physics Manager +982188505191
Mehdi HojatpanahMehdi Hojatpanah IT Manager & Regulatory +982188519787 +982188506669